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19 1/2 Hours
Vinyl BR1.0
Factory pressed 12" vinyl EP. 7 early songs from BNI. Each cover hand designed by a band member. Recorded in 1989.

$7 US
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Re-released 1.02.04

BNI(BatteriesNotIncluded)the band.
Full length CD. Power pop start to finish. .Songs from 1990-1994
CDR. BR1.1

You can only listen to some of the tracks on this CD right on this site. The rest available soon. Buy it and help keep us in newer rags.

$7 US
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'Lets Go Drivin'
CDR. BR1.2

Recent tracks recorded recently. Hear them all on this site. Send money and hear them on a CD with better fidelity. Driving power pop.

$7 US
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BatterySong Records

BatterySongs Records is an independant Chicago-based CD/CDR/12" label.

BNI (BatteriesNotIncluded) music is guitar-based power pop.

Free promo CDs/CDRs/12" for reviewers and DJs. Email your contact info. BNI has been around for a while. And...
We refuse to go away

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Nation Records-
BNI's first real label and on-going affiliate. Run by 'Magnum' Phil Vaughan - a seasoned veteran of the Chicago circuit and former manager of the Pete Special Group.

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